Snoop Dogg’s Fired Shots At Bill Gates And Threatened To Boycott Xbox Because The Servers Are Down

Snoop Dogg Bill Gates

‘Bill Gates, you need to fix your shit.’

When the Xbox or Playstation Network goes down then it’s really, really annoying. You can’t play online, you can’t update game files, you basically can’t do anything and it’s a massive ball ache that you just don’t need after you’ve paid good money for the service.

Normally there isn’t much you can do to try and fix it – you just have to wait it out and constantly check your Twitter feed to see if other people are having the same problem and what the estimated time of it being fixed is. Maybe read a book or something, Jesus.

But if you’re Snoop Dogg, then you take your problems straight to the top by posting a sweary rant on Instagram aimed at Microsoft and Bill Gates, and also threatening to switch to Playstation if they don’t sort their shit out.

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Message to xbox1 n ea server fix your shit or playstation here we come 👿👿✨🌟🏈

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Considering he’s got 8 million followers on the social network, maybe Microsoft will actually take notice and sort it out because if Snoop goes chances are he’ll take a couple of people with him at least. It’s a shame that he seems to have diverted his anger in the wrong direction though – despite founding the company, Bill Gates isn’t really that involved in it anymore and is merely listed as a ‘technical advisor’ on their website.

Maybe the fact that Xbox Live was down was a good thing though – it might give Snoop more time to liaise with Richard Branson over their joint fight to legalise marijuana. Or maybe he should just ask him to set up a new gaming platform that doesn’t go down all the time instead.


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