Snoop Dogg’s Being Called Out For Posting This Apparent ‘Homophobic’ Instagram Photograph

Snoop Dogg Cortez Booze

Snoop said ‘whose auntcle is this?’ and now he’s being sued.

5 days ago, Snoop Dogg uploaded the picture you can see below to Instagram, along with the comment ‘whose auntcle is this?’ At the time he probably thought it was pretty smart because it’s kind of funny and got a whole bunch of likes (although considering he’s got 4 million followers, 39.7K isn’t exactly that popular) but it’s coming back to bite him in the ass now.

The person in the photograph – a guy alled Cortez Booze has said that ever since the photograph was posted he’s been subjected to a torrent of abuse via social media including insults such as ‘faggot’, ‘shemale’, ‘punk’, ‘confused’ and ‘ugly’. He reported the photo to Instagram and asked for it to be taken down, but as of the time of writing this it’s still up there, and he’s still getting the abuse so he’s decided to take it to the next level by hiring a lawyer and duking it out with Snoop in court.

It seems ridiculous that this person called Cortez Booze – who appears to work in a rehab clinic in Maryland from his LinkedIn profile – would have anywhere near enough money to go up against Snoop in court and win so it seems like an idle threat from a guy who’s looking for an out of court payout. And maybe he deserves it, as it seems kind of unfair that a big badass celebrity like Snoop should foster internet hatred onto someone just because they look a bit different – especially when they’ve dedicated their lives to helping the helpless. Fair play to the guy, although I predict this will probably get shut down completely in a matter of days.

Snoop Dogg should stick to what he does best, like smoking weed in The White House.


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