Snapchat Video Shows BA Air Hostess Going On Racist Rant About Nigerian Passengers

BA Air Hostess rant

This is truly disgusting.

A British Airways air hostess is currently under investigation after a Snapchat video she sent out has surfaced showing her making shocking racist comments about Nigerian passengers.

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The woman, who is clearly wearing a British Airways uniform, made the video from her car before she was due to fly from London Heathrow to Abuja on Friday night.

In it, she makes some shocking remarks about Nigerian men and their BBCs (big black cocks, in case you’re totally clueless) and even put on an accent whilst doing impressions. Disgusting behaviour.

The video was circulated around to other cabin crew, who were so shocked and appalled that they reported it to the airline. British Airways has since said:

We expect the utmost professionalism from our staff when they are representing British Airways.

We are investigating this video.

I hope that they fire this woman, because there’s no way someone with this level of ignorance and racist thought should be allowed to deal with international customers for their job. At least she’s been caught out by her own stupidity.

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