Smirnoff Have Developed Two Intense, High-Energy New Flavours And They Taste Absolutely Electric

Smirnoff Party Monster

Get involved – these things are delicious.

Smirnoff are doing it big with the release of their brand new ‘Smirnoff Electric’ range – they’re backing ultimate global music collaboration #WhatWeBring to launch a message of peace, love and harmony that will hopefully permeate drinking culture around the world. Smirnoff teamed up with musicians Kiesza and Djemba Djemba on chart-topping track ‘Give It To The Moment’ (below) to really bring those good vibes through.

The video is a non-stop cause for celebration featuring a number of high-energy scenarios including a same-sex wedding celebration on a crowded Bangkok street. That’s definitely a cause to celebrate and how better to do that with Smirnoff Electric?

The #WhatWeBring campaign will culminate in a full-length documentary that will follow the original track’s journey through various studios around the planet as some of the music world’s most diverse talents have a go at remixing it. We’re talking artists from Mexico, South Africa, Japan, Australia and the UK all waved on Smirnoff Electric while creating flames in the studio.

You’ll be pleased to know that Smirnoff Electric spirits taste pretty damn good too, with two intense flavours dropping in the UK soon — Berry and Mandarin. They even come in fluorescent-coloured bottles that look completely dope under black light.

This sounds like a drink and a campaign that we can all get behind. Fans can visit to support the song, and check out the SMIRNOFF YouTube channel for more information and tons of amazing content about Smirnoff Electric spirits and to join the #WhatWeBring movement.


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