VIDEO: Slow Motion Booty Shaking

Dancehall - Miikka Lommi - GRIND

I’m not winding you up, it’s a video featuring close ups of ladies rears as they shake them vigorously. But it’s totes profesh so there’s no guilt involved.

Yup, it’s all you could hope for and more. It’s close ups of booties being shaken…. in slow mo. That in its self is worthy of a viewing, but this video has actually been made really well in to the bargain. Good lighting, proper cameras, the whole sixty-nine yards. It’s a playful look at the Dancehall Queen shizzle that’s all the rage in Jamaica, and has been since forever. I did a post about it a while back with some raw footage of what gwan which includes someone falling off a speaker whilst gyrating her rear, that is well worth your time I promise you. Click HERE if you fancy seeing that.

This video is called GRIND and was made by Helsinki based Film Director Miikka Lommi. It features some snazzy outfits and some tempting jiggles. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t slightly aroused by it, but because of it’s high production values I don’t have to feel guilty. Awesome. I won’t bore you by trying to pretend I know anything about ‘art’ or ‘videos’ or ‘anything’, I will let you see for yourself. I for one am 100% sold.

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