Massive potential collaboration by three of the best people doing anything in music right now!!

According to Jayou’s main man Diplo who posted this in his Mad Decent blog the other day (probably on his blackberry torch) Beyonce was working with both him and Sleigh Bells to record a track. The future of the collaboration seems in doubt though as Diplo states that ‘me and switch was in studio in nyc tryin to make tracks with derek and beyonce last week after we played her team their album .. dunno if we gonna manage to finish but was good times.’ Good times!

Anyone who’s heard Sleigh Bells, would probably think that a collaboration with Beyonce – although initially unlikely – would probably sound pretty awesome. If you haven’t heard the Sleigh Bells record yet, I’ll let Diplo describe it to you: ‘their last album was one of the sickest of ’10 .. its soo sick, its gave me a stomach ache .. half lyrnyrd skinnard half bangladesh half man half alligator.’ If I had bothered to listen to it last year, it definitely would have made my top ten records of the year, but I only got turned onto them a couple of weeks ago. Lame, I know.

If you haven’t heard of Sleigh Bells, they’re a punishingly loud electro noise pop duo, consisting of Derek Miller and Alexis Krause and based in Brooklyn. The two met when Miller was waiting tables, after quitting his previous metallic hardcore band Poison The Well (some change of direction huh? kinda reminds me of that Romance on a Rocketship douchebag, but in a cool way), and he mentioned to a customer that he was looking for a female vocalist for a musical project he was currently working on. The woman immediately volunteered her daughter. Pretty lucky huh? Check out the music video for the song Infinity Guitars below:



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