Skyfall – New James Bond Trailer

New James Bond movie actually looks pretty awesome.

I don’t get excited and post movie trailers on Sick Chirpse too often, but I did do it for the Avengers and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo – which both turned out to be great movies –  and The Dark Knight Rises, which will obviously be a great movie and I’m going to do it again for Skyfall because it’s kind of seminal and the trailer does loook pretty good. It’s also cool that they’ve got Sam Mendes in to direct it, but is it possible for him to direct an action movie because I’m pretty sure almost every single one of his movies has just been about relationships and people talking a lot?

I guess we’ll have to wait until October 26th to find out, but on the strength of this trailer it looks like it could be a good one. Of course, like most cool trailers now it doesn’t really give any hint about what the movie is about, it’s just a bunch of edgy scenes cobbled together to look really cool, and much like The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo trailer it ends up looking really cool.

It starts with Bond looking like he’s undergoing some kind of psychological evaluation where he’s playing a word association game with some guy in which he cooly associates ‘murder’ with ’employment.’ Then he’s running around London, then he’s on a boat heading into an exotic looking casino, then there’s a bunch of coffins with Union Jacks draped over them, then he’s getting a shave from some hot babe, then a train is getting derailed in a tunnel, then a house is on fire and a mysterious looking figure is walking away from it. There’s about a million other quick shots in it as well but these were the ones that stood out for me on my first watch. It looks good. I missed Quantum of Solace but I guess I might check this one out.

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