Sky Sports Hurling Coverage Confusing The Crap Out Of Non-Irish Viewers

Hurling On Sky Sports Twitter Reaction

As hurling makes its first appearance on British television, tweeters took to the net to share their thoughts.

Hurling has been a national pass time in Ireland for the best part of a century. However it was barely recognised outside of the country until Sky Sports bought the rights to broadcast the games earlier this year. With its heavy reliance on fast pace, quick reactions and the mentality of being a ruthless bastard with a stick, it truly is a fantastic game to watch.

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If you’ve never heard of or seen the game in action, here’s a quick insight into what this barbaric sport looks like:

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Taking into account the really shitty trance music throughout that video, it is still pretty impressive don’t you think? Irish viewers are loving the national coverage:

It’s a great achievement for a minor Irish game to reach the dizzying heights of Sky Sports but somewhat confusing for those outside of Ireland who may have never even heard of the sport.

Naturally, this confusion has been vented on social media:

Clearly, it will take some getting used to.


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