Sky Will Automatically Block Porn On All Of Its Broadband Networks In The Next Few Days


Might be time to switch networks.

Sky is planning to block all of its adult content for all of its 5.3 million broadband users in the coming days as part of a campaign to make the internet safer for children.

Don’t go mental yet though if you’re a Sky Broadband subscriber – apparently it will be easy enough to opt out of the filter so you’ll be able to watch as much porn (or other adult content) as you want once you’ve done this. Brand director Lyssa McGowanin:

What we’re doing now is simply making sure that the automatic position of Sky Broadband Shield is the safest one for all — that’s ‘on’, unless customers choose otherwise.

So how will it work? When trying to visit a website deemed unsuitable for children under the age of 13 during the day, customers will see a page reminding them to make a choice about filtering.

At this point, they can accept the current setting, change their protection levels or simply turn Sky Broadband Shield off.

There’s a watershed option that gives adjustable settings with age rating options (PG, 13, 18, Custom or none) for different times of the day.

To be honest, that’s a pretty awesome idea if you ask us because we already know the dangers that the internet can pose to children, and to introduce a filter where the default position is on AND one that can be set for different times to ensure kids can’t get access to weird and messed up content is undoubtedly a good thing. In fact, it’s kind of surprising that it’s taken so long for something like that to be implemented. Props.

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