Skrillex Accidentally Sets His Hair On Fire From The Candles On His Birthday Cake


What a dummy! Check out a video of it here.


Ever since Skrillex burst onto the scene with his weird mix of dubstep/pop/grime/weird noises opinion has been pretty greatly divided over just what to make of the guy? It seems he’s like Marmite – you pretty much love him or hate him. And the people that love him seem to be completely weird and dress up in weird costumes and go to his shows and drop acid or MDMA and the people who hate him stay at home and grumble on message boards about being too old and how he’s ruining the dubstep/electronic music/weird noises scene and how all these youngsters in weird clothes need to get the hell out right now. Oh yeah and don’t get them started on his hairstyle….

I know I said you either love him or hate him but I am kinda indifferent to Skrillex. I think his songs are OK – they’re not earth shattering or anything but they’re kinda cool and I recognise that some of the noises he makes are completely insane. Having said that though I don’t really want to go to any of his shows  and dress up and get real sweaty dancing however people dance to that kind of music. On the flipside of that though I’m not gonna stay at home and whine about him on messageboards, or even on Sick Chirpse, although I know that Jerkstore and Tourist have vented about him on here before. I might rip the piss out of him when he does something stupid though, like he does in this next video that I’m going to post.

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Apparently the other day it was Skrillex’s birthday. I was actually aware of this because somebody I vaguely know had updated their facebook status with something along the lines of ‘Happy birthday Skrillex, thank you for the music’ which kind of made me want to delete the guy, but I knew I would get more hilarity/vomit inducing status updates like that if I left him in there so decided to stick with him.  I didn’t expect anything as dumb as this to happen as a direct result of Skrillex’s birthday though.

It turns out some people – no idea who, probably some weird fans – decided to give Skrillex a birthday cake for his birthday with a bunch of candles on it and sing happy birthday to him. It was kind of lame they called him Sonny though and not Skrillex when they were singing to him though, really lame. Anyway, Skrillex leaned forward to blow out the candles on his cake, and in a move that could have come directly off The Simpsons or something, his signature hairstyle actually dangled over the candles and caught fire! Whoopsie! Unfortunately that didn’t mean that is head was engulfed in flames like Ghost Rider and he managed to put it out pretty quickly, it’s still pretty jokes that he was dumb enough to let that happen though.

Check out the video below:

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