“Tip-i-cal-ly” is 4 minutes of pure dubbed out bounciness with a ton of Skittles’ trademark wordplay to knock your socks off and a bag of remixes to make sure that they stay off.

Chimpo and Dom Hz bring the Dubstep flavour to “Tip-i-cal-ly”. Both bringing separate takes on the “Tip-ical-ly” and the dubstep sound. Chimpo, with the help of his signature shuffle takes the party up another gear and Dom hz will have you stomping till you wish you still had your socks on. Finally Rowney and Propz blow the bass bins with their full length jungle / DnB smasher.

Peeps are definitely tuning into Skittles’ bandwidth, with “Tip-i-cal-ly” already having been aired on Radio 1 by cutting edge DJ Toddla T and DJ support from Nicky Blackmarket and MRK1. Check the track here:


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