Watch This Skater Come Within A SECOND Of Getting Obliterated By A Passing Car

When kick-flipping across the street, it’s important to look both ways.

When kick flipping across the street, it’s important to look both ways in case there are any cars coming that could smash into you and have you breathing out of tubes in hospital for a week, or worse.

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I’d say this skater by the name of Cody Davis learnt that lesson the other day.

Watch below:


Well, you can’t get much closer to becoming road kill than that. Looks like Cody was so focused on his skateboarding that he forgot that there’s such a thing as cars that routinely drive along the roads too. Very important to remember the concept of cars when you’re skating into traffic. Part of him must be bummed he didn’t get smashed into though – imagine how viral that video would have gone?

Bet you won’t catch this ridiculously sick 12-year-old Japanese freestyle skater making the same mistake.


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