Check Out This Guy’s Incredible 5000 Skateboard Collection Worth Nearly £400,000


Make your passion your job.

For as long as I’ve remembered, people have always told me to take what I’m passionate about and make it into my career and then I’ll never feel as if I’ve ever worked a day in my life.

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Not sure if I’ve managed to do that just yet, but I can take inspiration from the dude featured in the video below. His name is Todd Huber and he just loved skateboards so much that he made it his mission to collect as many as possible. He estimates he’s spent over $100,000 on over 5000 of them, and now that his collection is worth over $500,000 (£392,000), he reckons that it’s probably worth it:

What a guy. It just goes to show what is possible if you actually knuckle down and go for your dream. Respect.

Definitely gotta hit up Skatelab in the Sima Valley, California at some point in my life and check it all out. If I could still skate I would have a go on the skate park too, but I reckon that’s probably out of the question these days. Looks like a dope place to hang out though regardless.

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