Single People Are Growing Desperate As ‘Cuffing Season’ Approaches


It’s that time of year again.

Autumn is a depressing time of year. Summer has gone, the days are shorter and the nights are colder. Christmas is coming but it’s not quite here yet either – so there’s really not a lot to look forward to.

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It’s not much better on the dating front either if you are looking to keep things free and easy because now is the time of year when “cuffing season” begins.

“Cuffing season” might be a fairly new concept but it’s one that’s very real. It basically relates to the idea that the onslaught of autumn and the cold weather means singletons everywhere are more likely to seek a steady partner rather than something a little more casual.

There might be a few out there scoffing at the idea of course, convinced that they will still be able to organise any number of hook-ups in the coming months – but the stats suggest otherwise.

According to research from Elite Singles, 70% of users admitted to being more inclined to look for a long-term partner in the colder months while 38% said they were more motivated to look for “love” rather than simply sex in autumn.


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So yeah, anyone keen to keep things casual could be seriously screwed up until Christmas and beyond.

Furthermore, nearly half of people (46%) say that autumn is the most romantic season. That’s more than double the percentage of any other season (21% choose spring, 19% summer and 14% chose winter) and Elite Singles even reported a rise of around seven per cent in registrations from September to October.

It’s shaping up to be a cold, bleak winter for those singletons unwilling to settle down. Cuffing season is truly upon us. Roll on the New Year.

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