This Lady Who’s Had £1,600 Worth Of Lip Fillers Wants To Go Even Bigger



30-year-old Alia Byrne says that her lip fillers have given her so much confidence that she’s currently saving the pennies from her care worker job to buy herself more.

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The single mum from Liverpool has had 6.5ml of dermal fillers injected into her lips in just under a year to give her the super size pout she always wanted.

Even though she concedes people give her weird looks, she wants her lips even bigger:

My new lips have given me so much confidence. Sometimes I do get stares down the street and my mum has told me to stop getting lip fillers.

But it doesn’t bother me. It’s my life and lips and I don’t care.

On why she doesn’t think her lips are even that big:

People say my lips are big but because I see them every day, I really don’t think they’re that huge at all. I would definitely like to get more fillers put in.


On how social media made her feel insecure about her ‘thin’ lips:

I would look at other girls on Instagram with their big lips and think, oh yeah, I would love to get that done but I didn’t have the confidence to get fillers. I was always very responsible and didn’t like to spend on myself.

The first time I got my lips done, I used my birthday money from my sister and mother to pay for it.

After the treatment, I was immediately hooked! But I was disappointed that my lips weren’t as big as I wanted them to be.

On all the new followers she’s picked up on Instagram since getting her lips done:

I’ve got so many more followers on Instagram since I got my lips done. They send really sweet messages and encourage me to go bigger!


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And there I was thinking this was going to be a tale of buyer’s remorse from Alia Byrne – a warning to other young girls out there not go overboard with the lip fillers unless you want to look completely ridiculous. Nope, turns out the only problem Alia has with her trout pout is that it’s not big enough. You really have to despair sometimes.

P.S. Could have saved herself a pretty penny if she’d just used the Kylie Jenner shot glass technique. Oh well.



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