Singaporean Dude Goes On A Racist Rant To Big Black Dude; Ends Up Getting Punched Up HARD

If you must go on a racist rant inside McDonald’s, make sure there’s no big black dudes around trying to enjoy their Big Mac.

There’s something about McDonald’s that makes people act like proper fools sometimes. This guy showed up at a branch in Jurong, Singapore and just stood in the middle of the restaurant throwing racist abuse at everyone.

Can’t really make out what he’s saying but all the reports insist he was being racist, which kind of backs up what happened next:

A+ delivery of “shut the fuck up” there after the first punch. That should have been the end of it really but somewhat surprisingly the racist dude tries fighting back and gets his butt handed to him.

Witnesses say the fight continued outside where it only ended after the racist guy was knocked out cold.

I wonder if he actually knocked himself out like that McDonald’s bully from last year.


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