Sinead O’Connor Goes Nuts At Conor McGregor On Twitter, Calls Him A Slave Owner & A Racist

Oh dear.

As if the world could get any weirder, Sinead O’ Connor is on Twitter right now ranting and raving at Conor McGregor and saying he sounds like a racist and a slave owner.

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Here’s how the bizarre exchange between the two played out:

So what’s going on here is basically that Conor McGregor called for Ireland to close its borders while coronavirus is still running wild. Sinead O’Connor saw the words ‘close borders’ and went instantly into SJW meltdown mode, telling Conor McGregor he sounds like a racist and a slave owner. When obviously the guy is calling for closed borders due to Covid-19 and nothing else.

Conor explained as much to her, and flat out said it has nothing to do with racism or immigration, but she just ignored everything he said and carried on calling him a racist and telling him he’d made racist remarks in the past (which to be fair, it can be argued he has).

From there, Conor Tweeted “Nà déan mearbhall ar ghnó na troda le réaltacht, Sinead. Tá brón orm má chiontaítear é”, which roughly translates to “Do not confuse the fighting business with reality, Sinead. I am sorry if I have convicted.”

Which Sinead O’Connor completely blanked again and fired off one last passive aggressive dig at her fellow Irishman:

I know Sinead O’Connor has been struggling with mental health issues these last few years but fuck me, she’s just determined to make out that Conor McGregor is a racist arsehole no matter what he or anyone else says to the contrary. Fair play to him for being so gentle with her. Let’s hope they kiss and make up soon, and maybe she’ll sing him out to the Octagon again one day.

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