The Sims 4 Allows Players To Give Characters Transgender ‘Top Surgery’ Scars, Chest Binders

A brand new feature.

Major new update on popular video game Sims – starting this week, you can now give your character double mastectomy scars, breast binders and tucking underwear for the full transgender experience!

Transgender ‘top surgery’ is now an option you can select for a character, meaning you can chop off your character’s tits with a click of a button; as simple as changing a hat or a coat. The idea is to make the game more inclusive for non-binary and transgender gamers, although you might think the latter would choose to play as a male or female character in the first place – isn’t that sort of the point?

Of course, the announcement has drawn backlash online with many gamers and parents expressing concern that a game, especially one that is marketed to children, would promote transgender surgeries. A recent piece in the NY Times documents that wounds from these procedures are painful and require routine maintenance for life.

The official XBox Twitter account is a big fan of the move, writing “Vadish, we love it” under the announcement – “Vadish” means “thank you” in Simlish, the made-up language that Sims characters use to communicate.

To be fair, the Sims universe is kind of wacky in the first place so maybe this isn’t as shocking or off-brand as people are making out. It wouldn’t surprise me if they’ve got a Furries expansion pack coming up next either. I think a bigger concern is how addicted people get to games like this in the first place. This meme just about sums it up…

For the full-length song Carly Rae Jepsen wrote using the made-up Sims language, click HERE. Blimey.


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