This Side By Side Comparison Of ‘1917’ Being Filmed And The Final Product Is Absolutely Astounding


Sam Mendes is currently receiving all of the plaudits for his new movie ‘1917’, which tells the story of two soldiers treking across enemy line sot deliver a message to another battalion to call off their attack or else be slaughtered as they’re walking straight into a trap.

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The movie is shot with the effect that it’s just one long shot and although there are obviously a bunch of cuts in there, this still meant that a lot of the sequences had to be shot in one long scene. Thankfully, the producers of the movie have decided to release footage of the movie alongside how it was filmed so that we can see the absolutely astounding lengths that filmmakers go to in order to capture those images on the big screen for you:

Wow. I kinda figured it would probably be a pretty spectacular setup to get that scene down, but seeing it actually play out is something entirely.

Fair play to everyone involved for all the hard work it takes to get those movies up on the big screen. Eternally grateful for movies like 1917 – if you haven’t seen it you should probably try and rectify that as soon as possible because it really is one of the good ones.

For more of the same, check out the trailer to 1917 here. That’ll make you wanna go to see it.


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