Giorgio Pulls Out Some Sick Chirpse At The Drive Thru

Giorgio makes a drive-thru girl squeal with lust in one fine Sick Chirpse.

So I don’t often post YouTube videos on here but I’m taking time out from my usual left-wing outrage to show you a video of this badman called Giorgio. It’s a couple of months since it went viral but I didn’t see that many people sharing it so figured you might have missed it too. And it is some Sick Chirpse, so you know fits in perfectly.

In America it appears they have a fast food franchise called Sonic. This dude Giorgio bowls up to the drive thru with his guitar and serenades his order to the poor young lady at the counter and you can just hear her trembling with desire by the end of the song. It’s rad, I’m jealous, check it out.

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