With Christmas approaching we’ve got a few items on our Christmas list that we’d like you to buy us. Thanks.

Here’s some cool stuff that we want for Christmas. Feel free to buy any of it for us. Thanks.

1. The Ultimate Swiss Army Knife

Boasting a whooping 87 implements and 141 functions, this is the Swiss Army Knife to put all other Swiss Army Knives to shame.

If you thought you were king of the orienteering expedition with your poxy three blades and a corkscrew standard edition Swiss Army Knife, think again.

With this Ultimate Swiss Army Knife not only will you be equipped for pretty much any task at hand, you’ll also be in possession of a mighty fine conversation starter, because who isn’t going to question what the hell you’ve just pulled out of your bag when they see this thing.

Grab yourself (or us) this ultimate Swiss Army Knife and check out it’s full set of features over at Amazon. Priced at a cool £635.



2. Toilet Seat Pedal

Toilet Seat PedalI’ve never really understood dudes who struggle to lift the toilet seat up before peeing, and subsequently covering the toilet seat with their piss. I mean, it’s really not that hard to lift up the seat before you pee. I guess the only excusable reason would be that you were drunk, which is fine, but anyone who can’t manage to do it when they’re sober, is retarded. But making this whole process just that little bit easier is another thing. I’d much rather not have to touch any part of the toilet during the process of lifting the seat (especially not the cold china basin that you accidentally touch during this maneuver) cos it’s just gross.

“Tora-Tora-Tora-“Guchi”” gave this sterling review of the toilet seat pedal:

“Okay, this thing is awesome. I hate lifting the toilet seat up, especially at night and now I just press the foot pedal down without thinking. The only issue I have with this item is the instruction not that clear but not horrible. I am not able to get the seat to rise all the way up but it raises up high enough. Did I say I love it for I do and I am going to buy another one when I move to my next apartment. All my female friends love it and so does my Mother-in-Law. the only person who does not is my wife because she thinks its tacky but her butt hasn’t fallen into the toilet since I got.”

Can you argue with that? Grab the tolet seat pedal from Amazon.


3. Tron Motorcycle

Priced at a modest £35,000, the Tron motorcycle is THE mode of transport for 2012.

Obviously inspired by the 2010 film Tron: Legacy, this piece of true craftsmanship is designed for casual cruising with its fuel-injected Suzuki 996cc, 4-stroke engine. The tyres are made from old truck wheels as you can see from their massive size, and the rider sits near on horizontal while riding the Tron. Swish.

Check out the Tron motorcycle in action below, and buy us the Tron motorcycle here.

#2 of our Christmas list up next week, holla!

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