Shower Of Sprite

The latest in viral video marketing – a life-size Sprite dispenser in Brazil.

Advertising has changed. You can’t just make some lame video and air it in between TV shows anymore, everyone is bored of that. No, these days you have to be innovative and smart, you need to come up with edgy ideas and shit, you need to harness the power of the internet…i.e make weird and dumb stuff that people actually pay attention to. Recently, as I’m sure everyone in the UK is aware, Go Compare decided to murder Gio Compario in their latest advert…that was cool. We also showed you the power of viral video marketing with campaigns such as Guitar-Pee and Underwater Club, and the huge success these videos have…not just on their target markets, but the whole fvcking interwebz.

Following with this theme, then, I present to you this awesome life-size Sprite dispenser on a beach in Brazil. This is fvcking sweet! I’m more used to shitty English seaside showers that stink of piss and are full of pale, obese, naked middle-aged men. I guess that’s the UK for you – and Brazil is, in general, sexier – but still I’d love to jump in the Sprite Shower. Yes, the Sprite Shower is one of the latest results from the many online video marketing campaigns, and seems to have gone down well in Rio. Just for the record, though, that is water spraying from the machine…not Sprite. I don’t think I’d want an actual shower in Sprite…too sticky.

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