This Instagram Account Proves Not All Drug Dealers Are Sketchy Dudes In Hoodies


Not all of them are scarily stern dudes who want to rinse you for a quick buck.

Although the world is obsessed with finding humour stereotypes, it’s important to realise that someone’s profession doesn’t necessarily dictate their personality. Although illicit substance salesmen are usually stereotyped as sketchy men wearing oversized hoodies, every drug dealer is different. With each varying individual having their own signature quirks and traits, it’s no wonder that the texts you get from dealer to dealer will be completely different.


Shotta Texts LDN is the Instagram account that showcases the most hilarious messages from drug dealers across London, proving that not all of them are scarily stern dudes who want to rinse you for a quick buck and some of their marketing tactics are absolute jokes. Scrolling through the Shotta LDN feed is enough to restore some sense of humanity to the guys and girls providing us with that little something to take the edge off and a lot of them are pretty fucking hilarious. Here are some of the best ones that have been showing up on our dashboards recently.

As weak or strong as some of these sales approaches are, they have nothing on these Manchester drug dealers who gave out free weed samples with their business cards. True, they got caught, but still. Everyone likes to try before they buy.


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