The Shortass Angry Bagel Shop Guy Will Fight Another Viral Superstar In Atlantic City

Battle of the idiots.

When it comes to viral sensations, there’s absolutely no denying that last week definitely belonged to the shortass angry bagel shop guy after his rant about women on dating sights hit every corner of the globe.

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You probably thought that after the weekend this was probably going to be the last time that you heard about this guy, but this isn’t actually the case as it’s been revealed that the shortass guy – real name Chris Morgan – has signed a contract with a fight promoter named Damon Feldman to fight another viral superstar in Atlantic City on September 7th. Here’s a video of them celebrating the contract signing and talking a load of crap:

Lol who are all those bros hanging out with him looking like the ghetto version of Entourage? Really stupid.

The guy that they mentioned in the video is Antoine Dodson, who went viral back in 2011 for the ‘Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Wife’ rant that resulted in an autotuned song by The Gregory Brothers that made it into the Billboard Top 100 and sold thousands of copies on iTunes. In case you forgot you can listen to that below:

What an absolute shitshow of an article – can’t believe I just wrote something so stupid to be honest. And the icing on the cake is that Morgan expects to earn somewhere around 5 to 6 figures for his part in the boxing match depending on online streams and ticket sales. What a world we live in in 2019 hey.


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