Shopping Mall Introduces Gaming Booths For Bored Boyfriends And Husbands


They’re called ‘Husband Pods’.

A shopping mall over in China has come up with an absolutely ingenious way to satisfy its bored customers – by launching gaming pods.

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The Global Harbour mall in Shanghai is introducing the booths with the intent of entertaining men who are waiting for their significant others to finish their shopping trip.

Obviously this is a little bit sexist – girls like gaming and boys like shopping too – but they’ve gone right ahead with the idea anyway, even calling them ‘Husband Pods’. These booths invite husbands or boyfriends into a clear box, which contains a luxury seat in front of a PC gaming system.

Husband pod Husband pod Husband pod

As said, it’s pretty discriminatory to call these things ‘Husband Pods’ and many onliners agreed. Here are a few of the comments coming from Chinese blog Weibo:

Well my boyfriend often asks me to accompany him for shopping trips.

I’m a girl and I want to go in to play too.

I don’t like shopping but my husband enjoys it…guess I know what I’ll be doing next time he shops.

Fair enough comments. I for one am all for gaming pods at shopping malls – hell, we should have them dotted around the streets for sudden moments of boredom. But maybe just steer clear of assigning them to genders.

If these things were about several years back, I wonder if this guy would still be alive?


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