Shoppers Are Pissed At Poundland For Selling Items That Cost More Than £1

Poundland Expensive

They’ve got a point.

It used to be the case that you knew exactly what you were getting when it came to Poundland – really shitty products that would only cost you a pound.

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Unfortunately though, the goalposts have shifted in this post-Brexit environment, and shoppers have started to discover items worth more than a pound on the shelves of their local Poundland and they are not happy in the slightest. Some of the new items include Johnson’s Bedtime Baby Oil for £1.50, Surf Fragrance Release washing liquid for £3, and Dairy Box chocolates for £4.

Check out what people are saying about it below:

Yeah, you can’t really blame them though can you? I mean it’s called Poundland right? Everything should be a goddamn pound, not more, even if it is labelled in a ‘manager’s choice’ section or whatever (that’s how they’re getting around it apparently). Just a joke really.

Poundland are trying to justify it by saying that the new prices were brought in as a result of customer feedback in order to give everyone even more value, but surely keeping everything at a pound would provide the “most value”. Just saying.

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