Here’s How Shia LaBoeuf Reacted To Each One Of His Movies During The Livestreaming Event

Shia LaBoeuf Movie Marathon

What do you think his favourite movie was?

It was pretty big news last week when Shia LaBoeuf decided to sit in a movie theatre in New York City and watch every single one of his movies in reverse chronological order for three days straight and livestream the whole thing, so that anyone who wanted to could tune in for it and watch his reactions to his own movies.

As we predicted, a bunch of people did tune in and some were able to catch Shia’s best reactions to each of his movies. Here they all are below, via Twitter of course:

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Wow, that was fairly extensive wasn’t it? I love the way that even he couldn’t stomach watching himself in any of the Transformers movies – I wonder if he’s ever seen any of them? I, Robot too is a pretty terrible movie from what I remember so I’m not surprised he skipped that one either. That certainly makes him a bit cooler in my eyes.

Check out some of the ridiculous memes that were created of LaBeouf in order to celebrate the challenge too when you’re done with this.


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