Sherman From American Pie Has A Completely New Look For His Role In Sharknado 6


Don’t call it a comeback.

American Pie is one of the best loved movies of the late 90s/early 00s and it’s likely that even if you weren’t around at that time period you probably love it too because it seems to be on ITV3 pretty much every other week these days.

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Anyway, one of the smaller but more iconic roles lies with Sherman – the sophisticated sex robot sent back through time, to change the future for one lucky lady – and you always know that whenever he shows up you’re gonna be in for a few laughs. Unfortunately, he hasn’t really had much of a career in the years that have passed since American Pie – in fairness hardly any of the alumni have either – and it was rumoured that a couple of years ago that he was waiting tables in order to make ends meet before his next big break came along.

We’re pleased to say that this might have happened though, as it seems that Sherman – or Chris Owen if you want to use his real name – is back in show business with a role in Sharknado 6. He also seems like he’s completely changed his look for the role of ‘blonde cowboy’ as you can see by his Instagram post below.

Geez. Probably wants to distinguish himself from all the Sherman hype and establish himself as a serious actor, right? Or perhaps he needs a new look for his ascent into the big time?

Either way he’s definitely nailed it there and has us all pumped up for Sharknado 6. What a franchise.

For more Sherman, check him out a couple of years working at that restaurant. Glad he turned it around.


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