I promise this is the last Charlie Sheen post for a while

Following the success of his live Ustream interview on TMZ.com last week and his ability to probably become the most viral internet sensation ever, Charlie Sheen has begun Ustreaming his own TV show entitled Sheen’s Korner. So far three episodes have been filmed, only two of which appear below. Apparently the first episode was – in Sheen’s own words – a trainwreck and so he took it down, you can find it in about 7 parts on Youtube though, I just didn’t want to stick that many videos up here, and also I’m getting kind of bored of Charlie Sheen so might stop covering him so extensively. Might.

Anyway, check out these episodes of Sheen’s Korner to see Charlie chainsmoking his way through the entire episode, being unable to sit still and for such classic Charlie Sheen lines as:

‘Let me see if this thing even has speaker, because it was built by trolls, phones were built by trolls. Keep that in mind,’

‘Winner, winner chicken dinner I don’t think so. Winner winner Sheen dinner.’

‘She was a Sheen dog and its soul is inhabited by the ghost of Betty and it will murder people who will eat trolls with its razor fangs and drop their spleens off at their children’s [unintelligible] houses.’

Believe me, there are a lot more where that came from. Charlie also smokes a cigarette through his nose in one episode. Will the world ever get sick of Charlie Sheen? I hope so, because he’s kind of overloading the content on Sick Chirpse.


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