VIDEO: Shark Pukes All Over Tourist’s Face

Shark Pukes Tourist's Face

A sick shark is just as dangerous as an angry one apparently.

Everyone knows that sharks can be dangerous customers, but it seems like they’re just as much trouble when they’re sick as when they’re angry. At least that’s what US radio host Corey Bonalewicz found out when he was on holiday in Cancun with his girlfriend. They’re in the water hanging out with some baby shark that’s being supervised by a handler when the shark just rears back and pukes all over his face. That’s probably not what you want when you’re on holiday.

You probably don’t want your redneck friend telling you he got it all on tape either immediately afterwards when you’re still wiping the puke out of your eyes, but that’s exactly what Corey got. Still, it’s probably a better holiday experience than the Magaluff blow job girl had.


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