Watch This Shaolin Monk Slice A Baseball Travelling At 161 KPH Clean In Half From 10 Metres Away

Japanese Samurai Slices Baseball

You can’t argue with a piece of action like this.

Not much info about this video but it shows clearly why Japanese samurais are some of the most absolutely badass people on the planet and what you can do if you spend your whole life training to be a complete and utter killer .

Basically, in the video the Japanese samurai is standing there all sheathed up and ready to go whilst one of those baseball machines fires baseballs at him from about 10 metres away at around 160 kph. You get kind of disappointed after the first two that he hasn’t even attempted to cut it on half yet, but when he lets her rip on the third one then you see why he bided his time. There’s absolutely no arguing with a piece of action like this.

It’s no wonder that Japanese samurais are this badass though really, because I mean of course they are. Are they as badass as Shaolin Monks though?  When you check out these photographs of their training regimes, I’m not so sure.


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