Shane Warne Necked An Insane Amount Of Booze During A Recent Lad’s Night Out


Hello liver disease.

Cricketer Shane Warne has never been shy about his love for knocking back a couple of beers, but during a recent trip to Scotland, he took this pastime to the next level.

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Warne is currently up in Scotland to take part in the charitable Alfred Dunhill Golf Tournament. And while he was up there, he found time to go on a night out with the boys where he indulged in a little more than your regular couple of beers.

He posted the picture below on his Instagram account with the caption, ‘The morning after a few quiet ones with the boys!’


What a legend. Yes, he might’ve drank enough booze to kill an elephant, but at least he’s not ashamed to let people know of that fact. Apparently him and the boys got through 30 beers, 14 bottles of wine and free flowing whiskey. If you’re one of the greatest cricketers in the world, I guess that’s just how you roll. Go on lad.


With that much booze on the table, he could probably do with getting a few coffees down him. Heard that helps prevent liver damage.


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