Shake Weight Prank

Shake Weight

Here’s a video of some American dude demonstrating how totally fvcking stupid a Shake Weight really is.

Shake Weight

You all know what a Shake Weight is right? It’s that stupid piece of exercise equipment that’s meant to tone your flabby bingo wings but all it really does it make you look like a prick who’s jacking someone off. We wrote a post about Shake Weights a while back in case you missed it.

Someone’s only gone and made a video demonstrating how totally stupid this piece of gym equipment really it, and proves how you really do look like you’re jacking off (or jacking someone else off if you’re a lady) when you’re using it.

This dude uses his shake weight in public and films the reactions of passer-bys. I love how the slutz at 0:56 are keen to get a piece of the jacking off pie and just walk away feeling completely empty when they realise it’s just a shake weight and they’re not about to get bukkaked. Sorry girls, maybe next time. Check it:

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