For Some Reason Sexy Lingerie For Men Is Now A Thing

Sexy Lingerie For Men


I have no idea why anyone would think this was a good idea, but an Australian company named Homme Mystere – which I guess translates as Mystery Man – has decided to offer a range of sexy lingerie designed solely for men. They’ve actually been selling it for seven years down under but have recently moved into the online sales market, which is why it’s been drawn to our attention.

Unfortunately I still can’t really tell you why it actually exists, although the FAQ on their website offers the following explanation:

A growing number of guys are discovering the comfort of lightweight lingerie style underwear.

Homme Mystere understand that you want quality undergarments made with care, attention to detail and fits the male body perfectly.

Comfortable men’s panties that really do fit, feel great and look sensational.

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I don’t know anyone that actually thinks like this but I’m prepared to accept that there may be market for this, although it’s perhaps slightly weird that they specifically say that the lingerie is designed for straight men, despite their FAQ mentioning that gay men shouldn’t have any trouble wearing their products either. That whole passage is just a little weird, don’t you think? I mean does it matter if these products are aimed at gay or straight men – it’s lingerie so it’s weird enough that guys are even interested in wearing it, I don’t think that their sexual preference should really matter in these circumstances?

In any case, the company has been so inundated with orders that they’ve had to expand in order to keep up with them all and they’re now actually shipping to over 30 countries – baffling. I’ve actually looked into this to try and figure out if it’s some kind of massively elaborate troll but from what I can tell it’s actually legit.

I can’t really work out why though – do guys really want to wear panties and bras? I mean I suppose panties might be (MIGHT BE) more comfortable than your regular boxers or whatever, but I can’t get why people would want to wear a bra? Maybe if they’ve got massive moobs or a killer dadbod, but surely wearing a bra in that situation is only going to be more embarrassing for whoever is wearing it, aside from having huge moobs in the first place. Really don’t get this, but like I said the website appears to be legit and they sound like they’re doing well so I guess a bunch of people out there love it.

If you want to see some weird pictures of guys wearing bras and panties then scroll through the slideshow. There’s also a video from a Las Vegas fashion show that you can see too.

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