Sexiest Toothpaste Advert Ever (Kinda NSFW)

sexy toothpaste advert

I don’t really recall any toothpaste adverts ever being overtly sexy in the past before but believe me when I say that this is definitely the sexiest toothpaste advert so far.

sexy toothpaste advert

Ok so I realise that labelling something as ‘the sexiest toothpaste advert ever’ is slightly contradictory in that toothpaste adverts aren’t exactly known for being sexy by any stretch of the imagination (in fact I don’t think I’ve ever seen a toothpaste advert that could even be considered as sexy before this one) but I figured with a super naughty title like that it would probably get people’s attention and if you’re reading this then I guess it did. Anyway, there isn’t really a lot to say about this advert before you’ve seen it because it’ll probably spoil it for you so you should probably just check it out below and then I can say a couple of things about it afterwards. One thing I will say though is all the way through it I was waiting for the toothpaste to get mentioned and thinking ‘how the hell are they going to get the toothpaste into this one?’ and I really didn’t see how they were going to do that and the way that they do get it in doesn’t really make any sense. I guess that’s why I enjoyed it though. Anyway check it out:

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So yeah pretty stupid advert huh? I’m sure most guys/girls can relate to that because even though every guy says that that has never happened to them it’s probably happened to all of them but I’m pretty sure that girls aren’t really happy about it and just laugh about it, they’re normally kinda mad about it unless you go down on them straight away by way of apology. So yeah, although it’s kinda funny I still think it’s kind of a tenuous link to toothpaste. And like what is it trying to say about the toothpaste in any case? That if you use it when something really annoying happens you can just laugh about it? I guess that’s kinda a useful attribute of a toothpaste but it isn’t really is it? Shouldn’t it be highlighting the baking soda in the toothpaste or fluoride consistency or whatever else is in toothpaste that makes it a good toothpaste that will look after your teeth rather than just being a one minute prelude to a lame smut film that never happens because the guy blows it. I mean that would make sense but then sex sells so it probably makes sense to do it this way. Nobody is gonna remember the name of the toothpaste and buy it though (I only watched it a couple of minutes ago and can’t remember it), they’re just gonna remember how stupid the advert is. I guess that’s something though.

Oh yeah, and I suppose it’s kinda implied that the toothpaste is like jizz at the end with that last shot which probably isn’t actually gonna sell the toothpaste that much is it. I mean who likes cleaning their teeth with jizz. Sluts – don’t answer that one.

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