This Is What Sex Looks Like In An MRI Scanner

Sex MRI Scan

I’m sure everyone has been wondering what this looks like.

An MRI scanner is pretty weird as it literally shows you what’s going on inside your body, and hence it’s pretty useful when doctors are trying to diagnose your ailments. Or just for scanning random objects to see what they look like on the inside.

When you get an MRI scan you have to go inside a big tube and lay there while it scans your whole body, so it’s kind of surprising that nobody has had the idea yet to take an MRI scan of two people having sex so you can see exactly what’s going on in your body when you’re making love to your other half.

On the other hand though, maybe it isn’t such a good idea because the video is super gross and you can’t really unsee it once you’ve seen it. It’s nice to see that one of their hearts is beating really fast when they’re kissing at the beginning though – it’s not nice to see a UV dick going into a UV vagina though.

This MRI scan of someone rapping is way more politically correct and just as mind blowing so maybe just click on that if you can’t face the video below.


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