Check Out This Incredible 600 Foot High and 2400 Foot Long Zipline Over Some Of The Most Beautiful Scenery Ever

Seven Falls Zip Line

Definitely one for the bucket list.

Over in the Philippines in the region known as South Cobato, you can find the Seven Falls Zip Line which is one of the most incredible zip lines in the world. Not only is it super long and super tall, but it also passes over some of the most breathtaking and incredible scenery that you’ll ever see. Seriously stunning stuff.

The zip line is located in Lake Sebu and once you’ve seen this video you’ll probably immediately put riding it on your bucket list. It passes over seven waterfalls as well as the majestic natural beauty of the lake and its surrounding area. Check out this video of a guy doing a run on it – he pretty much looks like he’s having the best time in history. Gotta make it over there at some point.

It’s perhaps not was cool as the world’s larger urban zipline though, as that’s a bit higher.

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