7 Bedroomed Mansion In London On Sale For £500,000, But There’s One Catch…

7 Bedroomed Mansion Commuting Distance From London

And boy is it a deal breaker.

What’s being advertised as a seven bedroomed mansion with sea views within commuting distance from London is on the market for £500,000 and might sound like a sweet deal if you’re looking to buy property in the near future.

The only catch is that it’s actually a disused sea fort that’s located within the Thames estuary and you can’t actually get to it by any other method than boat, which might add a few minutes onto your commute.

Of course, living in a sea fort does have its benefits like turning its former gun turrets into a swimming pool or that the address is Number 1, The Thames, as well as a few more you can see in the video below as its current owner Simon Cooper explains in the video below. You can also see a few pictures of it below that.

There have been no bids on the property as of the time of writing, so if you’re feeling lucky maybe go for it.

Thames Sea Fort 1

Thames Sea Fort 2

Thames Sea Fort 3

Thames Sea Fort 4

Thames Sea Fort 5

Thames Sea Fort 6


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