Celebrations got a bit out of control following Real Madrid’s victory over Barcelona in the Spanish Cup final.

Sergio Ramos dropped the Copa Del Rey off a double decker bus during the extended celebrations of Real Madrid’s famous victory over Barcelona last night. The Spanish defender’s blunder then got even worse as the bus continued to proceed and ran the Cope Del Rey over.

Sergio Ramos alerted the authorities by shouting ‘The Copa Del Rey has fallen’ and the bus stopped and some policemen and firemen managed to retrieve the cup from underneath the double decker bus. The Copa Del Rey was not seen again during the celebrations.

There are conflicting reports about what happened to the Copa Del Rey following this, with one newpaper reporting that it had been smashed into 15 different pieces whereas Sergio Ramos told a TV station that ‘The Copa Del Rey is alrite.’ Ramos also later tweeted: ‘there seems to have been a misunderstanding about the Copa Del Rey. It didn’t fall – it jumped when it got to the Cibeles and saw so many Madridstas (Real Madrid fans).’ He later added a second tweet stating: ‘Don’t worry, the Copa del Rey is fine’

It seems that the incident occurred because Sergio Ramos was trying to jump up and down on top of the bus with the Copa del Rey balanced on his head. Unfortunately, as the Copa Del Rey weighs over 15kg, Ramos couldn’t hold onto it and ended up dropping it. Or maybe he was just wasted. Anyway, check out a video of the event below:

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