5 Things They Eat And Drink In Serbia

Serbian People

BZS introduces us to a few things Serbians love to eat and drink. Part 1 of a Series on Belgrade.

I’m a musician currently living in Belgrade, Serbia. Now I know when you hear Serbia the first thing you think about is 90’s genocide or football racism scandals but let’s not let mainstream media dictate everything we know about a country. Serbia is actually a pretty awesome place and Serbs are generally really hospitable and friendly people. So in this series I’m aiming to introduce you to the idiosyncrasies of Belgrade and the people living here. Here’s a ‘High Fidelity’ style top 5 photo observations on what Serbians enjoy eating and drinking to get us started:


Serbian Cabbage

The sheer weight of cabbage Serbs consume is actually frightening. Here is one man picking up his family’s monthly cabbage allowance from the state ‘Cabbage Dispensary’.

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