This Real Life Selfie Statue Is Proof That Our World Is Doomed

So 2016 it hurts.

I had to look this story up on several sites to make sure it was true, and turns out it is – a town over in Texas has actually erected a $35,000 bronze statue of two women taking a selfie.

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The sculpture was put up outside City Hall in a town called Sugar Land (cool), and was created as a representation of activities that occur in the town square.

The good news is no tax dollars were used for this creation. A Sugar Land resident provided the funds to create and install several statues around town, though this seems to be the one everyone’s making noise about. Reaction has been mixed to say the least:

So 2016 it hurts. Our ancestors had statues built of war heroes and cultural legends, meanwhile what do we have to show for ourselves? A statue of two girls taking a selfie. Pretty much sums us all up doesn’t it?

For a look at the statue of a man talking to a woman that has feminists going into meltdown, click HERE.


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