The unbelievable demise of a charitable hero.

In late September, multi-millionaire ‘Segway’ owner Jimi Heselden came to an untimely end by stacking a Segway over an 80-foot cliff.

Mr Heselden, worth a reported £166 million, was testing out a Segway ‘X2 Adventure’ model near his Yorkshire home when the accident occurred. He was testing a prototype, an all-terrain version with fat wheels and tech looking buttons everywhere, not due to be released in stores for months. It is thought that he lost control of the X2 on the rutted footpath above the cliff, and wrestling with it for a while, proceeded to drive it off the edge somehow. As you do.

I reckon Segways are fifty percent ‘fully batty’, and forty percent ‘yeah actually that’s quite sick’. The other ten percent is just a neutral ‘fvck knows really, but I’d have a go’. The point is, before I read about this, I had already thought about the bail potential of these vehicles. I came to the conclusion that you could easily flap it on a Segway. With minimal effort. So basically, don’t ride them near cliffs.

Despite his demise, this guy was a legend. He started life as a miner and then made his millions making those metal cages that you fill with sand or concrete. Or Inflatable bounce house rocks. You know, builders use them. He went on to buy Segway and get an OBE for his charity work, donating £23 million pounds to bare charities — and also setting his own one up, the ‘Leeds Community Foundation’.

Only a week before the fateful stack, he had donated £10 million to the LCF. Hero. We should remember Jimi Heselden for his sterling work with the Leeds community, as a charitable hard-working man – but ultimately, he dropped it hard off a cliff on a Segway and we should remember him for that as well.


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