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Keeping in moderation the importance of consultation and counselling, Dubai courts have introduced a free electronic consultancy service. The service will aid a lot of people and groups in so many ways. Through the legal consultancy service, the people will be able to register their complaints and will also be able to understand more about their rights and duties. Because of the introduction of such a great service, people will be able to get justice in a comparatively lesser time. In this way they won’t have to depend upon the lawyers in Dubai right from the start.

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The literal meaning of school is to consult. The new service made open for the UAE residents will help them in getting free consultancy services for different matters. Along with the law firms, UAE courts have taken a new initiative to aid the people with new electronic services

This is such a great initiative as it raises awareness for the people and helps them in improving their trust in the courts of the law and other important authorities. Now, they won’t have to wait for the prosecutions too much because the e-services will make the process proceed really fast.

Note that the people will not only be able to get counselling but they will also be able to learn about their duties towards the UAE. This will surely improve the behaviour of the people towards the authorities as they will get listened right away.

Electronic registration of cases

The best part about “Al Salfa” is to help the clients register their complaints through electronic means. This will help them avoid going from place to place to register their complaints. Through the electronic service, the applicants would have to provide all the details asked from them including the documents and pieces of evidence as well. Also, the first hearing of the complaint will also occur through the internet.

After you submit the required documents electronically, the concerned authorities will check them thoroughly and will communicate with the applicant as well. The communication will also take place online. After t is ensured that all the documents are complete, the applicant will have to pay the fees for registration.

After paying the fees, an electronic case number will be assigned to the applicant and the first hearing will also proceed through the internet

The service introduced will prove to be a game-changer in the field of law. Now nobody will be afraid to file the complaint and cases because of getting defamed in front of society. They will simply have to file the case through the internet and they will receive all the needed information right away. The whole of the case will proceed online until the first online hearing. After that, the further decision will be taken whether there is a need for taking the matter into the court of the law or not. If there seems a need, the further hearings will take place at Dubai courts. So, till then you will not need to appoint lawyers in Dubai for your case and complete all the stressful legal procedures for the case. Click here for more details.


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