Security Guard Catches Two Guys Pissing In Car Park; Procceds To SHOOT Them (VIDEO)

Give an idiot a gun and this is what you get.

Tampa police have arrested a security guard working for a private company after this footage of him just slightly abusing his power surfaced online.

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The security guard confronted two guys after he caught them pissing in a car park (it happens), boxed in their car with his golf cart, tried to attack one of them and then knocked the phone from the other guy’s hand as he was recording.

Things escalated from there and police say he then shot at the victims as they fled… WTF.

Give an idiot a gun and that’s what you get. Nice one America! Fortunately no one was killed and police arrested Everoy R Farqhanson who they say also entered the victim’s car and removed shell casings to try hide any evidence of what went down.

He now faces charges that include aggravated assault with a firearm, battery and tampering with evidence.

Hopefully the robot security guards of the future won’t be so trigger-happy.


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