Secrets Of The Living Dolls: The Men Who Dress Up As Female Rubber Dolls

Meet the chaps who dress up in female rubber doll suits for fun – definitely a few body parts in these guys’ fridges.

If you were watching on Channel 4 last night, then you already know: the living dolls are nightmare fuel of the highest order. Secrets of the Living Dolls was like Street Walker on crack. Dick Nose is an absolute pleasure to be around compared to these guys.

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“They’re not freaky people, they’re not weird, they’re just like you and me,” explains Barbie Ramos, owner of Femskin — the company that makes the $850 (£520) silicone outfits.

“It’s about fun. A lot of men have fun by pretending to be women. Not all of them even want to be hot. Some want to be nasty hags.”

Nightmare city.

Photos and videos below:

Secrets of the Living Dolls

Secrets of the Living Dolls

Secrets of the Living Dolls



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