Secretly Filmed Video Shows Divorce Lawyer Hypnotising Clients For Sexual Favours

Hidden camera

Preying on the vulnerable.

People who are going through a divorce are often in a vulnerable state. Unfortunately for a group of women over in Ohio, a sick and twisted divorce lawyer decided to prey on their emotional states by hypnotising them for his own sexual gratification. What a pervert.

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Apparently one of Michael Fine’s clients became suspicious when she realised she had lost track of time in a previous meeting and her clothing was disheveled, so she decided to take in a hidden camera to the next meeting. Watch what she discovered:

After reporting Fine to the police, they then set him up and managed to catch the culprit red-handed. He has now been jailed for 12 mother fucking years after admitting he had put six women in a trance during his meetings with them. It’s terrifying to think how long he’s been carrying out this sick practice for – and shame on him for using these women who are already in shitty situations.

Not sure who is more of a pervert – Michael Fine or this guy. It’s a tough one.


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