Watch A Secret Service Agent Brutally Chokeslam A Photographer At A Trump Rally

Photographer Chokeslammed Donald Trump Rally

Just your typical Donald Trump rally.

A secret service agent is being accused of chokeslamming a press photographer at a Donald Trump rally in Radford University, Virginia on Monday afternoon.

There are a bunch of videos of the incident going around Twitter and Instagram, so here’s the best timeline we can put together from what we’ve seen. It seems like the photographer Chris Morris had one of his feet some way out of the press pen, and this caused the secret service agent to start some beef with him. Morris didn’t like this, replying with a ‘fuck you’:

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This led to the secret service agent getting physical – check the bottom of the GIF for this one as it’s kinda tricky to see. You do seem him getting grabbed the throat and slammed on the floor though:

Oof. Almost put him through a table there too. Following that Morris was understandably shit scared as he lay on the floor trying not to get attacked anymore by the agent:

Oof. Definitely not a good look. I suppose it isn’t a good idea for Morris to insult the secret service agent like that – I mean every time you insult a cop or someone in authority, it’s not going to turn out well, especially in America, but on the flip side of that I don’t really think the agent has any right to assault him like that and he definitely overreacted. That kinda shit seems to happen all the time in America though so it’s not really that surprising, is it?

Morris himself swears down that he wasn’t doing anything to deserve this treatment and other than swearing at him I don’t think he did either. Following the choke slam, he was detained and then released. The Secret Service is said to be investigating the incident, but I doubt anything will happen with it or it will affect Trump in the slightest.

The agent said he was perfectly in his rights to take down a 60 year old man that way because he had placed his hand on him.

For more of the same, check out this hands free chokeslam – seriously impressive.


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