Scrooging Is The Latest Dating Trend You Need To Watch Out For This Year


Watch out this Christmas.

Back in the day dating was pretty difficult but it doesn’t seem like it’s anywhere near as difficult as it is these days with so many apps and dating trends to get your head around – probably before you even make it onto the actual date.

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More and more are becoming evident all the time and the latest one you have to look out for is Scrooging. This apparently refers to the practice of breaking up with someone just before Christmas because you don’t want to get them a gift. That could be because you’ve simply run out of money and can’t afford one or because you don’t even know your spouse well enough to know what to get them. To be fair the second reason is a good one to break up with someone but the first one is a bit skanky isn’t it?

It’s what’s happening though so you had better watch out. Rachael Lloyd – a relationship expert at eharmony – said the following:

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We know that relationships can often become less of a priority in the run up to Christmas.

It’s also a time when dating significantly slows down. In fact, a quarter (24%) of Brits agree that it’s a time to prioritise family and friends above romance.

However, it seems particularly miserly to end a relationship simply to avoid buying your partner a present and indicates that you weren’t ready for a romantic commitment in the first place.

There’s no excuse for this type of behaviour. There are a huge number of purse-friendly presents on offer, which some of these ‘Scrooges’ might consider before pulling the plug.

Often people in relationships get anxious about what to buy their partner, particularly if they’re not given any clues.

If this is the case speak to your partner’s best friend or close relatives and get some advice. Often the most treasured presents have sentimental value such as creating a beautiful photobook of moments you’ve spent together.

If you’ve been Scrooged this Christmas, take heart. That person was never right for you in the first place and you’re one step nearer to finding someone who is.

Deep. Don’t really think she’s saying anything that useful there but it always makes sense to back these things up with a good quote from a so called expert in the business. If you have been Scrooged don’t worry about it though and just make sure you go out on Christmas Eve back in your hometown and there will be some other loser you used to know lingering around looking to get laid. Can set your watch by it.

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