Two Lads With A+ Liverpool Accents Beat The Crap Out Of Each Other In Merseyside Park (VIDEO)


Everyone knows the Liverpudlian accent is great and hilarious, especially when you’ve got two of them running their mouths and coming out with the accent-heavy crackers like “I’m not arsed lad” and “let’s fuhckin have it.”

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I mean just listen to this:

Absolute jokes. There’s also a part 2, and it looks like the tables turned in Lloyd’s favour.

Let’s have it (again):

What a turnaround,  just when you thought Lloyd was finished he comes back with the hammer fists for the win. Fair play to the boys, we can only hope they shook hands and became good buddies afterwards.

P.S. The lowkey best moment might be these two jokers looking on like proud parents:

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