Scott Disick Got Destroyed On Instagram After This Massive Product Placement Fail

You had one job.

One way the rich and famous keep their bank accounts topped us is by Tweeting/posting about specific brands on social media, so that their followers think they endorse them.

Well I guess Scott Disick (who actually seems like a pretty cool dude despite his links with the Kardashians) has been doing this for so long that he’s now in auto-pilot mode, cocking up big time when trying to promote Bootea protein shake earlier.

In the photo’s caption Scott accidentally copied and pasted the message from the company not only telling him what to say about the product but when to say it.

He quickly deleted the picture but as is always the case it was too late; someone had seen it and taken a screengrab:



Whoops. People always complain that the Kardashians (and friends like Disick) make money by doing absolute fuck-all and this might be the perfect example. The guy had one job – to copy and paste a caption and publish it on Instagram but instead he copied and pasted the entire message, including the instructions, straight into the post. So unfair that you can be that thick and still a multi-millionaire. At least make it seem like you give half a shit about the product you’re promoting.

On the other hand, this will probably still work in Bootea protein shake’s favour because now arguably even more people are aware of them. Sigh.

Come on Rob, hurry up and bring these fuckers down.


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